At ‘rosho, we’re simply obsessed with deliciousness that‘s good for you! Our mission is to add a little more joy and wholesomeness to the world through our handcrafted nut butters and we believe that when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others too.


Like many delicious things, the story of 'rosho began from our 
humble home kitchen where my husband and I concocted 
this deliciousness literally almost by accident! 

It all started in 2020, the year Covid-19 put a hole in our 
cashew business. We found ourselves surrounded by a bulk amount 
of nuts and not a clue what to do. A few stressful weeks later, 
I had an idea. Sleep soon became something of the past and 
I found myself in our family kitchen for hours and hours, putting 
our little food processor to work. I knew I was onto something.

Finally, 28 sleepless nights, 6 blown up food processors, 100+ 
taste tests and 4 exhausted minds later, 'rosho was born.

The first of its kind.

A joy-giving, ultra indulgent, wholesome, 
incredibly delicious and proudly

Tanzania's first gourmet nut butter.

We've never looked back since and we're so excited 
you get to experience the joy of 'rosho!

So, why 'rosho?