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‘rosho is a delicious spread made from 100% certified organic cashews that are roasted with care to bring out the best flavour and blitzed up until they become super smooth and silky! Yum!

Where do we start! We love everything from spooning it straight out of the jar to swirling it on top of porridge or spreading it on toast. We’re notorious for blitzing it into our smoothies, drizzling spoonfuls over bananas or strawberries and not to forget, we always find ourselves in the kitchen incorporating the different blends into baked goods or savoury recipes! Find inspiration on our Instagram page.

Good question! In Swahili, Cashews are called Korosho. All we did was take the "KO" out and voila! You have the perfect, authentically Tanzanian cashew butter experience.

Glass is virtually inert and impermeable, making it the most stable of all packaging materials. There is no risk of harmful chemicals getting into the food or drinks that are packed in glass. In addition to that, glass jars can be reused in so many fun and useful ways (we've shared some on our blog!), thus being better for our planet.

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Questions we’re asked about ´rosho

Yep! Cashew butter is a great addition to a healthy balanced diet. Nuts contain a big amount of nutrients but cashews are richer in certain nutrients, including iron, copper, and phosphorus. Cashew butter is especially a source rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (the good kind!) which are great for keeping your heart healthy; so it's a wonderful addition to breakfast on toast, porridge and in smoothies. We also love it as a healthy snack with rice cakes, apple slices, or straight from the spoon!

We are super pleased that we do not add any refined sugar to 'rosho! Apart from Double Chocolate which contains dark chocolate chunks that have sugar, all our spreads are sweetened naturally with jaggery, which is a type of natural, unrefined sugar made from cane juice

So many places! Please follow This Link for details.

Being as natural as possible, 'rosho lasts one year from manufacture date. Once opened, we recommend consuming our nut butters within 3 months (easy!). We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Children LOVE 'rosho! As long as they're not allergic to nuts, 'rosho is a much healthier and nutrient-dense option to incorporate in your children's breakfast! Check out our Instagram page for numerous reviews from parents whose kids enjoy 'rosho.

No need! We recommend storing 'rosho in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Although we make only Cashew Butter, other nuts sometimes handled on site are peanuts and sesame. The sole nut used in 'rosho is 100% cashews, but we must advise sufferers of other severe nut allergies to avoid all of our products. Although we have strict cleaning and segregation procedures in place, the dusty nature of nuts means we cannot guarantee a spec of nut dust will not remain within the system.  For further clarification you should contact a health professional.

Yes! All our products are suitable for vegetarians so you can enjoy our entire range.

Absolutely, we do not use any animal or alcohol-derived products in 'rosho.

Only Classic 'rosho is dairy-free. We use the highest quality pure butterfat ghee which gives 'rosho it's unique, rich aroma and flavour. However, pure ghee is considered to have very minimal amounts of lactose!

Yes! Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that we keep our products free from gluten.

Yes! Cashews provide great fats and energy; however, they have slightly higher carbs so when eating 'rosho on a keto diet, be sure to limit your portions to remain in ketosis.

Yes. We don’t use any GMO ingredients in our product

Definitely! We take pride in making 'rosho as naturally as possible which is why you won't ever find dodgy E-numbers on the ingredients list or other stabilisers and harmful products such as palm oil! A downside is that the oils will naturally separate, leaving a layer of oil on top. Embrace the nature and simply stir it back in and enjoy!

We use 100% Organic certified cashews (our main ingredient of course) however, our products are not organic certified because not all our ingredients are organic certified.

Our organic and high quality cashews are sustainably and ethically sourced from farmers in Tanzania and are roasted and milled with great care by our fantastic team of women, right here in Tanzania.

'rosho is born in Tanzania and inspired by the wonderful natural gift from our Country, the korosho (cashew). All the roasting, milling and packaging is done locally, by the local people and infused with the spirit of love and health that our country has to offer!

We pride ourselves on not adding any preservatives to 'rosho. As a result, the natural oils from the nuts can rise to the top. Other brands often use palm oil, stabilisers and preservatives to bind the product together thus they don't have this issue.

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