As much as we’re completely obsessed with making delicious, wholesome nut butters, our purpose is so much bigger!

Our vision sees a better, healthier, happier Tanzania and we’re putting our energy into bridging the gap between knowledge, wellbeing and better health.

Malnutrition is a devastating issue in our country. Some local communities simply cannot afford the luxury of healthier foods and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do something about it.

At 'rosho we give back to the underprivileged by directing a portion of our profits to feed young, impoverished children who suffer from deficiencies. We also visit schools and local community centres and organise wellness events that make learning about health enjoyable.

We believe that we can join hands to create more space for people to live better lives, to dream, to feel empowered to reach their full potential and to feel better.

Together, we can create a brighter Tanzania.

To do this, we’ve joined forces with
some incredible organisations!

Tamani Foundation


We partnered up with Tamani Foundation in the village of Matemwe on Zanzibar island.

They’re doing an incredible job of educating young children for free in a village where schools are scarce and children are just left to roam the streets.

Where your and our contribution comes in, is the nutrition of these little children. Tamani realized that the kids came to school with an empty stomach because of the high levels of poverty in the village and parents could not afford 3 meals a day. Hungry children meant heads nodding off during class hours and lack of attention.

Without adequate nutrition, the school would not succeed. Thus the morning at Tamani now begins with a hearty breakfast of a protein-rich “uji” – a porridge made with different blends of beans and seeds to energise and nourish the little minds so they could attain the tools for growth and self-sufficieny that education arms us with.

Happy stomachs = Happy mind = Happy children = Happy families!

For more information on Tamani and the incredible
work they do, visit